"Don’t be fooled by the brevity of the EP; the 23 minutes of music on new again has more depth and intricacies than most long-players. The four tracks are like classical compositions, taking the listener on a sonic adventure that combines orchestral twist and turns with more traditional “song” components (and some incredible melodies and harmonies). Like some sort of dream supergroup featuring members of Grizzly Bear, the Flecktones, Kronos Quartet and The Books, the Maladies manage a sound that winds through psychedelic passages, classical interludes and intimate folk melodics — all through the course of one track. The musicians in The Happy Maladies sound like virtuosos at times on new again, but it’s the song arrangements’ expansiveness and broad use of different colors and tones that will keep listeners coming back for repeated listens...a progressive mix of Appalachian Roots, Neo-Classical Chamber music and modern Indie Folk."

  Mike Breen, CityBeat